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Communication For Effective Sales: Intermediate (BTRU08)

If you have taken our ‘Communication For Effective Sales: Beginner’ course, you probably have learned the basics of sales communication: how to talk to prospects on the phone and the best way to write an email. In this course, we will dig deeper and teach you about creating an effective value proposition to communicate to your prospects. A value proposition is a statement that informs your prospects of the value that the product/service that you’re selling provides them. By creating an effective value proposition, you convince your prospects that your offerings solve a challenge that they are facing. Moreover, you will also learn the tips and tools for more effective communication via phone and email. Learning objectives: - Learn the most common mistake made by salespeople in creating their value proposition - Learn techniques for drafting a better value proposition - Learn seven techniques for more effective sales calls - Learn about eight digital tools that will help you send more effective cold sales emails
  • Your Value Proposition (Probably) Sucks + 5 Ways To Make It Better
  • 7 (Quick) Tricks to Sound Great on Sales Calls
  • 8 Shocking Tools to Send Better Sales Emails
  • Test your knowledge
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever