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Customer Relationship Management: Intermediate (BTRU07)

As salespeople gain more experience and transition to the intermediate level, they must handle new customer relationship management (CRM) responsibilities, the most important one being lead generation. Lead generation is the process of creating interest for your product/service in the market and converting potential customers (customers who have shown interest in your offerings) into actual customers. Effective lead generation allows you to consistently attract new customers to your business. Moreover, you can also obtain the contact information of prospects via lead generation. This information is highly important to improve your customer retention rate. In this course, we will be focusing on two CRM concepts: lead generation and strategies for approaching a prospect. In addition to lead generation techniques, you will learn the reason that accurately diagnosing your prospect’s problem is more important than the actual selling. Learning objectives: - Understand the importance of identifying your prospect’s biggest challenges - Learn five questions to ask prospects to determine their problems so that you can offer the right solutions - Learn three techniques to streamline the questions you ask a prospect to pinpoint their biggest challenge - Learn the importance of lead generation for effective sales - Learn seven techniques for generating more leads - Learn the prospecting campaign strategy for generating more cold sales leads - Learn about three mistakes to avoid in the lead generation process
  • 5 (Powerful) Sales Questions To Ask A Potential Client To Determine Their Needs
  • How to Discover Your Prospect’s Deepest Frustration in Sales
  • 7 Valuable Ways To Generate More Sales Leads In 2020
  • The Most Effective Cold Lead Generation Strategy Out There
  • 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes that Salespeople Make
  • Test your knowledge
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