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Sales Techniques: Intermediate (BTRU06)

Intermediate-level salespeople have a number of selling techniques under their belt because of their experience in working in the field. However, they need to hone these techniques and develop new ones if they want to take their sales performance up a notch. Intermediate salespeople are also likely to be handling different types of tasks from beginners, such as business to business (B2B) sales along with business to consumer (B2C) sales. B2B sales are generally more difficult than B2C sales and must be approached differently. For this reason, intermediate salespeople must learn specific techniques that would help close more B2B deals. This course will teach you all these skills: how to hone your existing skillset, new sales techniques to implement, tips for closing more B2B sales and handling difficult prospects. Learning objectives: - Learn seven new selling techniques that would help you grow your sales as an intermediate salesperson - Learn three techniques for successfully selling commodities (or undifferentiated goods) - Learn about seven selling techniques that are outdated and are no longer effective in this the present times - Understand the importance of creating urgency when you are selling to a prospect - Learn three techniques for creating urgency when you are selling - Learn five techniques for improving the success of business to business sales - Learn four techniques for approaching difficult prospects
  • 7 Keys To Successful Selling For Intermediate Salespeople
  • How to Sell a Product that Seems Like a Commodity
  • 7 Old-School Sales Techniques You Must Avoid
  • Test your knowledge
  • 3 Tips to Create Urgency in Sales
  • 5 Tips to Close More B2B Sales
  • How to Close Tough Customers in Sales
  • Test your knowledge
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed