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Communication For Effective Sales: Beginner (BTRU04)

Communication is considered to be one of the most important 21st-century skills. This is especially true for a salesperson as communicating the right information in the most effective manner can make all the difference. Salespeople communicate via different media: email, phone calls and voicemails. In this course, you will learn about the tips for successful communicating using each of these channels. Learning objectives: - Learn five techniques for writing an effective sales email - Learn three tips for leaving a voicemail that improves your chances of getting a response - Learn five tips for persuading prospects to buy your product/service on the phone - Learn thirteen tips for improving the success of your sales cold calls
  • 5 Must-Know Email Sales Tips
  • 3 Tips to Leaving a Voice Mail That Sells
  • 5 Easy Phone Sales Tips
  • Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work!
  • Test your knowledge
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed