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Customer Relationship Management: Beginner (BTRU03)

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices that businesses or individuals implement to engage with customers- both existing customers as well as potential ones. Learning CRM will help you attract more customers and ensure that your existing customers are satisfied with your services. In this course, we include a set of videos in which Marc Wayshak delves into CRM 101: how to start a conversation, CRM mistakes made by beginners, building trust and keeping clients happy. Learning objectives: - Learn the customer-oriented approach to starting a conversation with a prospect - Learn the five mistakes that beginners typically make when interacting with prospects - Learn the six basic principles for building trust with a prospect - Learn the seven things you can do to engage with customers you/your company has lost touch with
  • The Single Best Way to Start a Conversation with Any Prospect
  • 5 Reasons Customers Don't Buy from You
  • 6 Scientifically Proven Steps to Building Rapport with Anyone in Sales
  • 7 Easy Sales Strategies to Engage Existing Customers
  • Test your knowledge
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