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Best Sales Practices, Habits And Traits: Series 1 (BTRU01)

This course is about the practices, habits and traits developed by successful salespeople. By developing certain skills and habits before you start selling, you lay down the foundation for success in your sales career. These videos by Marc Wayshak, the CEO of Marc Wayshak Sales Research & Insights, cover various topics including the traits, skills and habits of successful salespeople and the appropriate manner of dressing for sales meetings. Learning objectives: - Learn about the four types of salespeople - Identify the type of salesperson you are to determine your strengths and weaknesses - Learn about the three important skills for succeeding in sales in the present day - Identify the skills that you need to improve on - Learn the five habits and practices followed by successful salespeople - Learn the five steps to follow to successfully build a sales habit - Learn three strategies for improving your confidence as a salesperson - Learn the five important things to keep in mind for effectively dressing for a sales meeting
  • Sales Types - Which of the 4 Types of Salespeople are you?
  • Three Must-Have Sales Skills
  • Daily Habits of Successful Salespeople (Hint: Routine)
  • Test your knowledge
  • The Power of Habit : 5 Steps to Start Any Sales Habit
  • Not Good at Sales? 3 Steps to Build Confidence in Sales
  • How to Dress for Sales Meetings
  • Test your knowledge
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever